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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a physical store I can visit and purchase items?

Currently, the Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore is an online retail store only. The Blue Ridge Parkway itself has several visitor centers that carry some of the merchandise we have for sale through the online store, but it varies by location. Visit the Virtual Blue Ridge website for a list of Blue Ridge Parkway visitor centers.

Do you ship and/or process orders internationally?

Due to rising shipping costs, we currently only serve customers in the United States.

Is there a Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle license plate?

Yes (and Yes)! The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation proudly offers a specialty Blue Ridge Parkway license plate for either your car or motorcycle through the NC and VA Departments of Motor Vehicles. The sale of these license plates directly benefits the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and helps protect the Parkway's historic, cultural, and scenic resources. To order your state license plate, visit the BRP Foundation's web site.

In addition, we offer vanity plates for both your car and motorcycle. These are not state plates and meant for the front of your vehicle in states that permit them. You can find our "RIDE" license plates within our Blue Ridge Parkway souvenirs category.

I plan on motorcycling along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Which reference materials do you recommend?

In addition to the motorcycling products on our website, you can also visit Blue Ridge Motorcycling which will provide extra information for your travels.

I have a question about my trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, can you help me?

You can visit our companion site,, and you will be able to get most any question about the Blue Ridge Parkway answered.