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Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas

Numinous Editions

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered what mountain peaks you were actually seeing as you enjoy the view from one of the many beautiful overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway? Are you curious how high those mountains are and how faraway one is from the other? This book is designed to answer those questions and much more. It is a driving guide to the Parkway, featuring views from more than 40 overlooks along its 469-mile track through North Carolina and Virginia, with information about what you are viewing, and nearby attractions such as waterfalls, visitor centers, craft shops, and museums. Author and photographer Tim Barnwell identifies the mountain peaks you can see from each overlook, marking their compass heading, distance, and elevation. Major roads, rivers, lakes, and towns are also identified.

The book is easy to use: when you drive to a featured overlook, simply find the corresponding panoramic photograph made from that exact spot, and you will soon know the names of all the peaks you are admiring. Hikers will appreciate the book, too: it's great to be able to put a name to the mountain peaks you see from your favorite trail. In addition to the Parkway overlooks, the book also features numerous stunning views from popular attractions across western North Carolina, including the Biltmore Estate and Chimney Rock Park.

This unique guidebook, over five years in the making, touches on the history, geography, natural attractions, geology, and communities traversed by the Parkway, and provides everyone with a "bigger picture" of where they are and what is nearby that they might want to visit. Whether you are a local or a first time visitor, this beautiful book is sure to become a trusted traveling companion as you drive the winding majesty that is the Blue Ridge Parkway.
From the Author
"This book took me more than five years to complete. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted as I had to learn map reading, topographic software, and online programs and travel extensively up and done the length of the 469-mile long Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina and Virginia. No one has done identifications of this type on this scale before, so there were no reference books or websites to which I could go for information. I had to become the expert in identifying the peaks and points of interest visible in the photographs. This is a truly unique book as there is nothing like it anywhere in the world on this or any other region, as far as I can determine.
In addition to the identifications I included descriptions and photographs of interesting places to visit along the drive and provide historical, geographic, and tourist related information. So if you are planning a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time, or a seasoned traveler who wants to see familiar scenes in a while new light, I know you'll find this book informative and fascinating!"
-Tim Barnwell