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Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore FAQs

» Is there a physical store I can visit and purchase items?

Currently, the Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore is an online retail store only. The Blue Ridge Parkway itself has several visitor centers that carry some of the merchandise we have for sale through the online store, but it varies by location. Here is a link to a list of the Visitor Centers:

» Do you ship and/or process orders internationally?

Due to rising shipping costs, we currently only serve customers in the United States.

» Is there a Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle license plate?

Yes! The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation proudly offers a specialty Blue Ridge Parkway license plate for either your car or motorcycle! The sale of this license plate directly benefits the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and helps protect the Parkway's historic, cultural, and scenic resources. Please visit the link below to apply for your Blue Ridge Parkway license plate:

» Where can I purchase Mabry Mill products?

Please contact Forever Resorts at 276-952-2947.

» I plan on motorcycling along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Which reference materials do you recommend?

Please visit Virtual Blue Ridge's parkway motorcycling guide.

» Do you accept PayPal?

We do not accept PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

For more Frequently Asked Questions as they pertain to the Blue Ridge Parkway, please visit

» What is PAL and/or NTSC?

PAL and NTSC are encoding formats for the way Television signals are processed. The USA uses NTSC and just about everybody else uses PAL. Currently, the videos offered for sale on the store are in NTSC format only.

The screen savers, since they are computer software, should be able to be viewed on any computer.

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