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About the Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore

Virtual Blue Ridge - Blue Ridge Parkway Information ResourceIn 2001, Virtual Blue Ridge opened a bookstore as part of At the time we sold only a few maps and select books to our website visitors. As the years went by, and Virtual Blue Ridge became more and more of an authority site on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Blue Ridge Region, we increased our offering of products.

In 2005, the success of our bookstore attracted the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation to embark in a joint venture relationship where we operated as their official online store. From November of 2005 through February of 2011 the partnership between the Foundation and Virtual Blue Ridge offered products whose aim was to allow the customer to celebrate and benefit the Parkway at the same time, leading up to the 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2010. It was a wonderful journey indeed!

Shortly following the close of the 75th Anniversary, the Foundation decided to discontinue their online store, and we are once again operating as the Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore. The store as it stands now reflects a new beginning, one that honors our informational tradition by offering the products that visitors to the area want most and one that shapes a path into the future, as we expand beyond the boundaries of the Blue Ridge Parkway to encompass the Blue Ridge region.

Join us on this path of discovery, and learn about all the joys the Blue Ridge area has to offer.

Happy Travels!

Virtual Blue Ridge Bookstore Staff

To request information about adding your products to our store, please email us.


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